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Press Statement for Immediate Release
Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘Minister McGill’s Defense of Corruption Is Quite Revealing’, CENTAL Says
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the press, fellow Liberians, and development partners.
The attention of the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia has been drawn to a video circulating
on social media, in which the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel McGill is seen defending
acts of corruption. While on a political engagement at a well-attended meeting with citizens in Bong County, the
Minister justifies corrupt dealings of officials who steal public resources and invest same in Liberia. For him,
stealing from the people does not matter, once the money is not transferred abroad, but invested in the local
economy. According to him, these projects beautify local communities and are in the interest of the people
since they cannot be taken away, but remain grounded as tangible development.
CENTAL views these utterances of the Minister as being extremely troubling, given his position of influence in
the Liberian Government and that what he says or does could shape the decisions of many persons in society,
especially those he supervises or manages in government. That a person so close to the Office of the Liberian
The presidency will make such comments is extremely worrisome, in the wake of increasing allegations of
corruption against the CDC-led government officials and limited actions from the Presidency (the office Minister
McGill manages) to act against those concerned. Given his proximity to President George Manneh Weah, could
he be giving the official position of the Liberian Presidency on how it views corruption, something that might be
responsible for the very limited actions of the President against his officials accused and investigated for
corruption? Indeed, Minister McGill’s defense of corruption is quite revealing.
We are deeply concerned and disappointed, especially that these statements from the Minister are coming at
a time when the Power of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission to freeze the assets of individuals being
investigated and prosecuted for acts of Corruption has been removed in the amended and restated new LACC
Law, in violation of Article 31 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), which requires
States Parties to institute laws to freeze illicitly/illegally obtained assets/wealth. Also, it is coming at a time when
many questions linger about the questionable spending and donation spree of the Minister, which has seen
him making multiple donations in different parts of the country since he was appointed to manage the office
and activities of the Liberian Presidency. Additionally, these comments are coming at a time when it is reported
that majority of public officials are yet re-declare their assets, incomes, and liabilities three years after doing so
in 2018,
in line with the 2014 Code of Conduct for Public Officials.
Such anti-accountability comments have the ability to further undermine citizens' and development partners'
confidence in the Liberian Government, which may have implications for their budgetary and other support to
the country. We like to remind the Minister that there is and should be no place for Corruption in Liberia.
Corruption is forbidden in Liberia and around the world and there is no justification, whatsoever, for
perpetrating it. His comments grossly undermine the government’s stance and fight against corruption and reveal
why President Weah and his government have shown limited willpower to decisively and impartially address it.

Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia National Chapter
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Liberians and development partners whose taxes and financial and non-financial contributions are integral parts
of public resources and assets being referenced by the Minister will be deeply concerned and further
apprehensive about the proper utilization of their resources, which are not meant to be corrupted by public officials
in the name of investing same in the country. Public resources are meant to be used for the intended purposes
and fully audited and accounted for by the requisite state institutions and not otherwise.
In conclusion, we call on well-meaning Liberians, including the President, to join CENTAL in condemning the
statement made by the Minister. Additionally, we encourage all citizens to criticize and reject such
manipulations and mind-corrupting utterances intended to sway public officials and the larger public in a
direction which can only keep Liberia in the throes of poverty, underdevelopment, and injustice.

Signed: ______________________

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