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Inherent in CENTAL’s advocacy for accountability and transparency is the expectation/requirement that members, staff, directors, and others associated with CENTAL will adhere to and demonstrate, at all times, at least the same high level of integrity, probity, accountability that CENTAL demands of others. This expectation is founded on the fact that each member of CENTAL is an ambassador of the organization, and his or her conduct may be used to judge CENTAL and CENTAL’s commitment to what it advocates. Hence, by accepting or being accepted as member or affiliate of CENTAL, each member, director, staff or volunteer of CENTAL assumes an obligation of self-discipline, integrity, openness and tolerance for criticism and tolerance as would reflect positively on the mission and advocacy of the organization. The principles and rules defining the minimum acceptable conduct of each member, staff, volunteer of CENTAL, both in public and private affairs, are set forth in this Code of Integrity (“Code”). The Code represents an unswerving commitment to honorable and transparent conduct in all public and private pursuits, even at the sacrifice of personal advantage.

"CENTAL shall be a membership based organization comprising individuals and groups dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability in Liberia."

"The over-arching objective of CENTAL shall be to combat corruption and be a catalyst for improved transparency and accountability in the Liberian society."

Read the Constitution to learn more about CENTAL, it's structure, mission, etc. 

This Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) is the operational policy of the organization that provides the foundational framework on what,who,why,when and how day to day actions and discipline can be effected in keeping with standard practice in regulating the staff body.  It provides direction and structure, and outlines in detail CENTAL’s employment policy, staff duties,obligations,immunities and privileges,and other general provisions to measure against the extent of staff actions.

This Gender Policy defines CENTAL-TI’s explicit commitments to support gender equality and the principles expressed in international agreements, regional and global frameworks as well as national laws and policies promoting and sustaining gender equity, equality and inclusion.  The accompanying implementation guideline sets out mechanisms and minimum common standards for all CENTAL-TI members, staff, volunteers and associates, including those at national and county levels.


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