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So much achieved, much more expected As world unites against corruption and bad governance Featured

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The International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) 2022 has come and gone. Working with other players, Transparency International collaborated with the U.S Government and successfully hosted the 20th edition of the conference.

Held from December 6-10 in Washington D.C, the United States of America, more than 2,000 in-person and 1,000 online participants representing government, civil society, media, private sector, international organizations, and other actors from 126 countries gathered for the event.

With funding from USAID, the executive director of the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL), Anderson D. Miamen was at the conference representing the organization, civil society, and Liberia, more broadly.

In the organizers' words, “the IACC advances the anti-corruption agenda by raising awareness and stimulating debate. It fosters networking, cross-fertilization, and the global exchange of experience that are indispensable for effective advocacy and action, on a worldwide and national level.

The conferences also promote international cooperation among government, civil society, the private sector, and citizens by providing the opportunity for face-to-face dialogue and direct liaison between representatives from agencies, and organizations taking part.”

Held under the theme: “uprooting corruption, defending democratic values”, the week-long gathering featured over 70 sessions/workshops covering topics such as global security, climate change, beneficial ownership transparency, gender and corruption, youth integrity building, and media role in the fight against corruption. others include illicit financial flows and money laundering, government accountability, and the use of multi-lateral targeted sanctions to fight against corruption, etc.

Stakeholders from all walks of life deliberated on these and other topics with the objective of learning, sharing, and identifying strategic and innovative ways to address various forms of corruption (bribery, sextortion, fraud, state capture, bid rigging, etc.)  and make it difficult for the corrupt and their accomplices to go with impunity.

True to its objectives, the 2022 conference facilitated networking, information exchange, learning, and coordination between and among global, continental, sub-regional, and national stakeholders (individuals, groups, networks, and institutions) leading and supporting the fight against corruption.

Participants exchanged pleasantries; made and listened to great speeches; shared their own challenges, successes, and lessons learned in fighting corruption at their levels; and became more capacitated and energized to continue the fight.

Additionally, the conference emphasized and even showcased what the world is capable of achieving if there is stronger and sustained collaboration and partnership between and among governments, the private sector, civil society, communities, and other stakeholders in making corruption and bad governance issues of the past.

For example, Transparency International and her chapters showcased how collaborative efforts with stakeholders are influencing major decisions and efforts in the governance and anti-corruption space and empowering citizens and communities to denounce corruption and demand accountability from their governments.

The conference has since ended. However, its core outcome (Washington Declaration) remains and will continue to be a reference document and tool for efforts to uproot corruption and defend democratic values worldwide, especially in Liberia.

The Declaration represents the consensus reached by participants, mostly anti-corruption fighters and campaigners to collaborate, innovate, remain committed, and take stronger actions against corruption, especially in their respective countries.

Having fully participated in the conference, more than ever before, CENTAL is determined and firmly committed to continuing pushing for a corruption-free Liberia where the lives of ordinary citizens will be improved and public service will be about public and not private/individual interest.

The organization is steadfast in her quest to strengthen alliances to defend key democratic values in Liberia; support citizens and communities to denounce corruption and report corrupt practices wherever and whenever they see it; advocate for full implementation of anti-corruption laws and policies; and push for ending the culture of impunity in Liberia.

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